Trauma Insurance

Good health is the most precious asset we can have. We at Halo Advisers understand how grave a loss of health could be for an individual and his family. This is why we extend Trauma Insurance that financially assists families in a time where they are experiencing grave physical and mental trauma.

The Trauma Insurance provided by Halo Advisers extends cover in the form of a lump-sum payment in the event if the insured person develops a critical illness or is exposed to injury. Halo Advisers completely understands the importance of financial support in the life of a person who is suffering from a chronic illness like cancer.

We at Halo Advisers, strictly adhere to the New Zealand public health system guidelines. Therefore, we make sure that every insurance policy is provided by Halo Advisers perfectly aligns with the medical conditions of the person being insured.

Our brilliant research team conducts thorough verification of the coverage plan, ensuring that all major illnesses and sudden accidents are covered. Our coverage plan will provide you with financial assistance when you need it the most. Irrespective of whether the individual will use the money to receive the medical treatment they need, or to take care of their household responsibilities, it will certainly provide crucial support during a tough time.