“Customers First“ is one of our core values. Hence, at Halo Advisers Ltd. we endeavor to achieve customer satisfaction and take their complaints solemnly. Our company owns a formal internal complaint resolution service that follows a professional procedure to solve your query within a specified time.


Primarily, we encourage our customers to have transparent communication with us regarding any query or issues they have. The first step is to let us know about your query in person and if it is not manageable for you then you can send your query via email at shak@haloadvisers.co.nz or through this website by answering and providing us the information asked on the right side of this page.

Our internal complaint resolution services will revert with the confirmation email within 2 business days. While we are committed to resolve the issue within 7 days, the resolution will also depend upon the type of query. In case it isn’t solved in the given time then we will further extend the procedure and will solve according to the complexity.