TPD Insurance

We tend to take good health for granted. But the possibility of grave harm always exists. One may get ill or encounter some sort of accident. Total Permanent Disability Insurance extends financial security to individuals by providing lump-sum payment in the case where injury from an accident or illness is grave enough to incapacitate the individual from working.

Total and Permanent Disability Cover or TPD Insurance provided by Halo Advisers will offer comprehensive coverage in the case where the insured person becomes totally and permanently disabled, and as a result, ends up losing their ability to work.

We at Halo Advisers understand that in a situation, where an individual would probably experience unsurmountable physical pain and mental anguish, having financial certainty could mean the world for the individual and his/her family’s future.

Halo Advisers are protecting the financial independence of families who lose their livelihoods because the earning member of the family loses his/her ability to earn a living, due to an unfortunate accident or illness.

The lump-sum payment is provided by Halo Advisers would be a massive help in a time of crisis. The individual can use it to pay medical bills or paid care expenses, or it may just be used towards household expenses in the absence of the lost income. Regardless of how it is used, it will surely help the individual and his/her family during a very hard time.