Loss of Revenue

Halo Advisers bring you exceptional advisory solutions for Loss of Revenue Protection. As the name suggests, Loss of Revenue Insurance is dedicated to all the kiwis engaged in business activities. With such a policy at your side, you will be able to get a fixed monthly revenue replacement for a key person or the sole trader. It happens when any of these are either permanently or temporarily gets disabled.  

You can understand this insurance cover in a case of a natural disaster. Such incidents or events do not just hamper the external infrastructure of the business but also impacts the staff. Getting Loss of Revenue Insurance cover would help your business attain compensation against income costs and further take care of the most significant aspects of your business: the people or your staff.

The income-related loss during a major slowdown can be recovered with the help of this cover in the form of cover for rebuilding the business or its permanent closure. At Halo Advisers, we help you determine the right level your business needs. We check the best policy options based on our market research and accordingly help you keep your business thriving in the most unexpected difficulties.

Our experts deploy sound criteria to help you find an inclusive Loss of Revenue policy. From premiums to the duration of the cover and more, we analyse all the details and accordingly suggest the right insurance cover.