Key Person Protection

Key Person Protection or insurance is popularly known as business disability insurance. It is a very significant policy that covers your business in case you need to replace a key employee or member of your company for a substantial period due to their inability to work. There can be various reasons for the same including sickness, death or injury.     

Although, not every staff member could be referred to as a key person. A key employee is a professional having prominent ownership within the business and has the authority to make critical decisions. Considering small businesses, a key person could be the owner, manager or founder of the business. One of the major aspects of a key person is that your business would suffer major trouble in case they withdraw their contribution or work from the firm. 

What happens when you get key person insurance? Well, this insurance policy would help you attain monthly benefits until the vacuum created due to that key person is filled back. Besides, the businesses can also ask for a lump sum in order to meet debts and pay money to the investors at the time of closure of the business. 

At Halo Advisers, we help businesses to explore varying Key Person Protection options and attain the most profitable policy. We minimise your efforts and time required to search and decide the correct Key Person Protection policy. While helping you find the right insurance provider, we also help you choose the correct key person for the policy.

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